About Us

TPAC is working for:

  • A police board that sees its responsibility as encouraging and leading public debate on policing issues.
  • A police board that takes responsibility for making policy decisions, usually in public, on the functioning of police services, and ensures that the chief and staff follow such policies.
  • A police board that is accountable to the civilian authority, responsive to community concerns, and generally representative of the diversity in the city.
  • An effective, independent, and responsive complaints process.
  • A police service that is under effective civilian control, funded exclusively from public sources, and accountable to and taking direction from, the Police Services Board.
  • A police service not involved in partisan politics.
  • A police service that respects the separation of legislative and executive functions and the rule of law.
  • A police service generally representative of the diversity of people found in this city and valuing that diversity.
  • A police board and service that is open and accessible with respect to all the information necessary to analyse police performance and behaviour, including management, spending and the deployment of resources.

TPAC contact info:

Toronto Police Accountability Coalition
E-mail: info@tpac.ca

TPAC members include:

  • Paul Copeland
  • Michael Giglio
  • Richard Hudler
  • Marco LaMacchia
  • John Sewell
  • Anna Willats

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Toronto Police Accountability Coalition
E-mail: info@tpac.ca