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Civilian Oversight / Complaints Process

TPAC Bulletin listings

Waiting for Changes to the Police Complaints Mechanism, July 2008
Searching for Head of New Complaints Agency, June 2007
The Sorry State of Police Complaints in British Columbia, February 2007
Police Complaints Bill 103 at Committee, February 2007
Public Hearings on Bill 103, January 2007
Commentary on Bill 103, January 2007
Policing the RCMP, December 2006
Bill 103, A New Police Complaints Commission, December 2006
The Danger of Complaining About Police Activity, September 2006
The New Police Complaints Process, April 2006
Reviewing Civilian Oversight, April 2006
Wanted: A New Complaints Procedure, February 2006
Whatever Happened to the LeSage Recommendations?, November 2005
Towards a New Police Complaints System, July 2005
Police Complaints Report: Status, May 2005
LeSage Recommendations on Police Complaints, April 2005
Community Statement Concerning the Expected LeSage Recommendations, February, 2005
Welcome New Appointment to OCCOPS, December 2004
An Office of the Citizen Advisor, November 2004
Police Complaints Review Begins, June 2004
Police Complaints, April 2004
Defining a New Complaints Mechanism, March 2004
A Police Complaints System That Works for the Public
Summary of Discussion at Public Meeting, November 27, 2003
Civilian Oversight of the Police, November 2003
Auditor's Report on the Police Public Complaints Process, November 2002