Toronto Police Accountability Coalition



TPAC Bulletin listings

Reducing Police Expenditures, May 2014
The Cost of Learning How Many Cops Toronto Needs, March 2014
Business Plan for Next Three Years, December 2013
The "Right Number" of Officers, December 2013
Keeping the 2014 Police Operating Budget Secret, December 2013
Toronto Police Operating Budget, 2014 Edition, October 2013
Paying Police Well, June 2013
Police Budget 2008, November 2007
Taking Home Big Pay, September 2007
Breaking the Bank on Cameras, May 2007
2007 Police Budget, December 2006
Large Increase in Police Budget, December 2005
Toronto Police Force Grows Again, October 2005
Police Spending Set to Increase Again, September 2005
Well Paid Police, March 2005
2005 Police Budget, December 2004
Small Changes to Police Budget, April 2004
Slowly Uncovering the Police Budget, March 2004
Police Operating Budget 2003, February 2003
Police Operating Budget 2002, February 2002
Detailed Budgets of the Toronto Police Service, October 2001