Toronto Police Accountability Coalition


Carding, see also Racial Profiling

TPAC Bulletin listings

The Negative Impact of Police Stops, September 2014
Questioning the Candidates for Mayor, July 2014
New Carding Data, July 2014
The Carding "Satisfaction" Survey, July 2014
Carding ends, "Community Contacts" Begin, May 2014
Finalizing the Community Contacts Policy, May 2014
Toronto Police Services Board Special Meeting on Carding, April 2014
TPAC's position, April 2014
Controlling Carding: a Brief History, April 2014
Frank Addario's Advice to the Board, April 2014
Carding: a Step Forward ?, December 2013
Trying to Make Carding More Likeable, October 2013
Carding Update, June 2013