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TPAC Bulletin listings

The Disappointing Iacobucci Report, July 2014
Restricting Police Guns, June 2014
How the Ministry Decided to Expand TASER Use, March 2014
TASERs, No News, December 2013
Public Says NO to More TASERs, October 2013
Expanding the Use of Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs) In Ontario, September 2013
Toronto Board Holds Public Meeting on CEWs, September 2013
Toronto's TASER Protocol, April 2008
TASER News a Delay or a Victory ?, March 2008
Forum on TASERs: February 6, January 2008
TASER International Comes to Toronto, January 2008
TASER Problems, November 2007
Missing the TASER Alternative Again, November 2007
Truth not TASERs, June 2007
Increasing Use of TASERs in Toronto, May 2007
TASER Use Increases, May 2006
TASER Use in Toronto, March 2006
British Government Restricts Use of TASERs, July 2005
The Tragic Fate of Suffering a Mental Crisis in Public, April 2005
Two Police Approaches to People in Crisis, March 2005
Will the Board Buy 500 TASERs, February 2005
TASERs on Hold, December 2004